A Most Wanted Man


Director: Anton Corbjin

Talent: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Grigoriy Dorbygin, Rachel McAdams, Willem Defoe, Nina Hoss, Robin Wright

Release Date: 12th September

In a Hamburg that has been highlighted as a red zone for terrorist activity in the West, several groups converge over the fate of an illegal Chechen immigrant.

It’s that kind of muddy espionage thriller perfected in other John le Carré adaption Tinker, Tailor. There isn’t a shot fired and instead it’s the dour bureaucracy and interior wrangling that gets investigated here. Yet despite being dialogue heavy it’s all half said and only partly implied leaving a gap that many viewers may fall into. The measured pacing is largely successful but beware this is a vehicle that rarely pushes out of first gear.

Worth it for the husky Hoffman performance alone. The other elements do occasionally fall short but this is still a worthy entry in the thinking-person’s spy canon.